Tuesday, December 11, 2018
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Rasmara Company was founded in August 1996 through registration number

123626 and by means of achieving independency, enrichment and development in industrial capabilities of the country, has designed, managed and performed many projects in various industries.

Increment in the range of activities and executed projects, decision was made to establish consortia with "Electro Kavir Company” and “Tajhiz Sanat Merat Company”. Exection of major projects and especially EPC projects was scheduled into the consortium’s agenda. In 2001, shareholders of these two companies acquired parts of share capital and became shareholders of Rasmara to achieved more capability in performance of EPC projects

specifically. Due to progressive increment, in 2005 the company name was changed from “Rasmara Industrial and Trading Co.” to “Rasmara Industrial Group”.

Rasmara is not only being recognized as an EPC contactor but also has a valuable experience to perform technical projects in fields of electrical, automation, industrial automation and control substation (EMCS, PDCS, PMS and DCS) systems with Siemens technology. Via Rasmara’s suggestion and Siemens acceptance, cooperation inside a technology partnership was started and the technology for control and PMS and PDCS automation systems was being transferred and consequently benefited in major projects.

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