Thursday, January 24, 2019
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Rasmara Industrial Group

RokStories Rasm Ara Company was founded in August 1996 by registration number 123626 and with the aim of achieving independency, enrichment and development in industrial capabilities of the country in designing, managing and performing EPC projects in various industries such as oil and gas, petrochemical, water and wastewater, food industries, cement plants, power stations, subway and . . .

By increscent in the range of activities and executed projects, the consortia with Electro Kavir company and Tajhiz Sanat Merat Company was established. The consortium put performing major projects and EPC projects in its agenda. In 2001 shareholders of these two companies bought parts of stocks and became partners of Rasm Ara Company and accessed its ability. Due to increscent, in 2005 the company name changed from Rasm Ara industrial and trading co. to Rasm Ara industrial group.

Now days, Rasm Ara industrial group performs technical projects in fields of electrical, automation, industrial automation and control post (EMCS, PDCS, PMS) and DCS systems with Siemens technology with long experience, along with EPC projects execution.

By Rasm Ara company proposal and Siemens acceptance, cooperation started and technology knowledge for control and PMS and PDCS automation systems transferred, by the side of EPC projects implementation.

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